Foam Manufacturing, Conversion & Supply

Ramfoam possesses the most up to date, state of the art, complete range of processing machinery for polyethylene foam.

Quite simply, combined with the largest material selection and the most adept manufacturing techniques and processes, resulting in our clients getting their products manufactured cost effectively and fit for purpose without any compromises!

Our primary conversion techniques are:

  • Splitting sheet & continuous roll
  • Heat Lamination multi density, multi colour up to 500mm
  • Butt Welding into larger size sheets & rolls
  • Adhesive Lamination of self adhesive tapes, films, fabrics & foils

Secondary conversion processes of:

  • Bandknifed panels & pads
  • Die Stamped/Pressed/Punched gaskets and seals
  • CNC Routed
  • CNC Waterjet cut
  • CNC knife & milled
  • Laser cut & engraving
  • Thermoforming
  • Embossing

Our continual investment programme in the latest and most up to date, state of the art manufacturing technologies permits us to be world leaders in the conversion of polyethylene foams.

foam manufacturing process foam conversion process