Expertise In The Manufacture, Conversion & Supply Of Foam For All Industries

Our UK & International clients are serviced from our extensive manufacturing facility based in the West Midlands.

Our customer centric approach nurtures loyalty, continuity and sustained growth here at Ramfoam. The on going of strengthening of relationships with our customers and suppliers alike ensures we deliver the very best of service. The passion that our team holds dearly in maintaining and building strong relationships with our customers ensures we deliver on our promises.

From the onset the need to capture a clear and concise understanding of our clients requirements, whether it be day to day, project led, for choice of material, method of manufacture, logistics, means we are the right partner of choice for our partners in the industries of:


Our foam products offer lightweight, functionality and durability in areas.
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Our foam products are lightweight and highly flame retardant for use within the construction of Civil, Business and Military aircraft.
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The construction industry relies heavily on the numerous benefits that Polyethylene foam offers.
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We at Ramfoam understand that the final packaging of your product is critical for many reasons including safety and aesthetics.
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We provide innovative multi functional polyethylene foam to the Healthcare and Support sectors.
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For Floatation, Buoyancy, Protection and Durability. The low water absorption and permeability performance characteristics of our foams combined with lightweight, long life durability, algae and fungus resistance.
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Ramfoam supply mission critical foam packaging to ensure protection, performance and durability to Military and Defence sectors worldwide.
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Premium foam protection during storage, display and transportation is afforded by the high purity and consistency of Plastazote and Evazote.
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For protection and point of sale, our foams are being increasingly used for prestige packaging and display.
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Sports and Leisure

Foam plays an important role in the sports and leisure industries and is used in a multitude of applications from personal impact protection to buoyancy aids.
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Our foam products assist in the smooth passenger ride and comfort over the lifetime of mass transit systems. In addition we help to reduce maintenance costs by providing superior gaskets and seals that avoid compression and seal failure.
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